What’s New September 2014

First of all I am sorry if you haven’t been able to get on the site during the last few days. I am in the process or transferring registration details and it has meant that the odd thing has been off line. It may happen again but please be patient if it does. Thins will settle down soon.

You will also notices minor changes from time to time for the next few weeks. I have had to update some of the software and so have taken the opportunity to make other changes and tidy up some loose ends.

All the sections should have some content now. The Tree section should work a lot better on smart phones now.

The details in the Tree section should be more up to date.

Photos of people should appear in the Tree section as well as now being in the Photo section. The number of photos should grow gradually. When you go to the Photo section you will not find them in a logical order, however, you can search for photos of individuals, etc., if they exist.

One thing I should point out that may not have been clear before. To view all details of the family trees, you need to be registered and be logged on. If not you will not be able to see living relatives. This caters for living relatives who would rather not be open to public view.

Unfortunately, the whole site has two separate places to register which are not integrated:  the Tree section and the Blog section. I am working on a system to put this right and simplify things.

Besides that, it is simple and straightforward to register. You set up a user name and password and give your e-mail address. Details are then sent to me for approval. This is to prevent inappropriate people subscribing.

To see all family members in the tree you must register in the Tree section

Giving your e-mail is not a problem; your e-mail is only used by me. You will not become a subject of spam, etc.

Happy New Year 2014 and New Section

Happy New Year to everyone. I have activated the Stories section and uploaded the first family story, some memories and photos of the Crompton and Ingram families when they lived in Eden Place in Guildford Street. It has been published before in a couple of places but I have updated it a little. Let me know if there are any mistakes and problems.

All the best


Autumn Update

As you can see, I have not worked on the site since the Spring. To some extent because I have been looking for a reasonable solution for the People and Families sections but mainly because I have been doing other things.
Once Winter sets in I will get back to work. In the meantime I will load some data into the People and Families sections in a few days but be prepared for a lot of scrolling.

Update: I have added material to the People and Families section but the menu links aren’t set up properly yet. Until then use:



Welcome to the family blog

If you have found this site then you can see, the site is still being built.There is a considerable amount of work to be done. Firstly, I want to ensure that the site works on all types of devices; smart phones, tablets, desktops, etc., It seems to be OK so far; a bit of fine tuning to do. Let me know if you are having problems or to make suggestions

Once I have all of the sections working I will start uploading material.

All the best

Mike Ingram