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If you have found this site then you can see, the site is still being built.There is a considerable amount of work to be done. Firstly, I want to ensure that the site works on all types of devices; smart phones, tablets, desktops, etc., It seems to be OK so far; a bit of fine tuning to do. Let me know if you are having problems or to make suggestions

Once I have all of the sections working I will start uploading material.

All the best

Mike Ingram

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the family blog

  1. denise doreen mckeown

    hi my is name is denise I came across doris and albert site by accident alberts brother Arthur was my grandfather his daughter Glenda was my mother who sadley passed away in 2012.the photos are amazing I have seen my gt grandmother for the first time her children also the history is amazing.

    1. Mike_I Post author

      Denise, I have edited the details of Arthur Ingram and Emily’s marriage certificate. I have changed Emily’s father’s name from John Williams Fellows to John William Fellows. The handwriting is ambiguous on the original certificate. As Emily’s name on the certificate is her previous married name and her maiden name is more likely Fellows I have changed it,

  2. denise doreen mckeown

    thank you she is difficult to find she is in the 1911 census as a servant aged 14 cannot find her in the 1901 census but i have just started with this now i have her maiden name i shall really look but if her family was boat people this could be difficult. the only certificate i have is my grandfathers death certificate which my mum had.

  3. denise doreen mckeown

    hi im having problems signing into the website my user name and pass word doesn’t work best regards denise


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