Autumn Update

As you can see, I have not worked on the site since the Spring. To some extent because I have been looking for a reasonable solution for the People and Families sections but mainly because I have been doing other things.
Once Winter sets in I will get back to work. In the meantime I will load some data into the People and Families sections in a few days but be prepared for a lot of scrolling.

Update: I have added material to the People and Families section but the menu links aren’t set up properly yet. Until then use:


3 thoughts on “Autumn Update

  1. Mike_I Post author

    Most links for People, Families, Tree and Blog should be working OK now – not always perfectly.
    Lots of information in the People and Families sections but loads of scrolling.

  2. Denise Mckeown

    hi I have done a lot of scrolling and I enjoyed it very much on some of the information for mum her birth was 01/07/1935 and she died 29/08/2012 .Ramon was only married once to Sylvia neither of them was married twice,emily honor died 1952 and was born 1897.I really enjoyed reading through the history of the ingrams and looking at the photos my brother is the living image of my grandfather when he was younger many thanks denise

    1. Mike_I Post author

      Many thanks for the comments and information. I can’t remember where I got the idea of a second marriage for Ramon from. I don’t have that note on my current version. The version on the site is a couple of months out of date. When I have time I will update it but it may be a few weeks.


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